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S355JR chemical composition steel plate

According to S355JR chemical composition, S355JR steel is denified as low alloy steel. As its alloying element content is higher than carbon steel and lower than alloy steel.

S355JR chemical composition:

Grade C% Si % Mn % P % S % N % Cu %
S355JR 0.27 0.60 1.70 0.045 0.045 0.014 0.60

Among the chemical elements of S355JR steel, the maximum percentage of each element is as below:
Carbon content (C) is 0.27 percent.
Manganese content (Mn) is 1.70 percent.
Phosphorous content (P) is 0.045 percent.
Sulphur content (S) is 0.045 percent.
Nitrogen content (N) is 0.014 percent.
Silicon content (Si) is 0.60 percent.
Copper content (Cu) is 0.60 percent.

The S355JR chemical composition decides S355JR steel has high strength. And so S355JR steel is widely used in the manufacture of various types of construction machinery, such as mining and construction of various types of shovels, mining vehicles, drilling rigs, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, all kinds of cranes, electric wheel dump trucks, and other structural parts.

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