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API 5CT Casings steel plate

API 5CT Casings 
Category:API 5CT Casing pipe
Steel Pipes specification:OD:21.3mm-168.3mm
WT:2.75mm-8mm; LG:6-16m
Description:The tempering heat treatment should be simulated around the welding line. Both ends of the pipe should be perpendicular to the center line and there should be no blurs on the interior seamed edge or the exterior edge.

Applications:The API 5CT casing is typically used as components for oil fielding casings and oil drums.
Technical specifications:The rating standards for the API 5CT casing include H40, J55 and K55 steel pipes.
Materials :H40, J55 and K55 steel types are used to manufacture the API 5CT ERW steel pipe.

Delivery time : within 20-40 days , mainly according to your quantity
Surface Treatment:anti-corrosion coating 3PE
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