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A572 Gr 50 steel ,A572 Gr 50 mechanical property steel plate

A572 Gr 50 steel

ASTM A572 / A 572M - 07 covers the standard requirements for A572 Gr 50 for high-strength low-alloy columbium-vanadium structural steel shapes, plates, sheet piling, and bars for applications in bolted, riveted and welded structures in bridges and buildings. The steel shall be semi-killed or killed. The use of columbium, vanadium, titanium, or combinations thereof shall meet the requirements of the producers and A572 specifications. A572 Gr 50 steel plates and bars from Precision Grinding, Inc. carry certified MTRs from well-known, U.S. and worldwide plate manufacturers. If you need further assurances, we can supply Charpy Test coupons. Please, visit for a complete list of specifications for ASTM grades of plate. Bebon steel has been providing Steel Plate & Bar Services from our Chin
Bebon International who knows A572 Gr 50 very well is the leading supplier of A572 Gr 50 steel. The A572 Gr 50 mechanical property offered by Bebon steel is the first-class.


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