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C60 steel Technological properties,C60 steel supplier steel plate

C60 steel is one of the higher carbon content (0.60%) steels. It is more difficult to fabricate than the lower carbon grades. for more information about C60 steel. please see the following :

C60 steel Chemical Composition
Ferro (Fe) rest, Carbon (C) 0.59-0.65%, Silicon (Si) 0.17-0.37%, Manganese (Mn) 0.50-0.80%, Sulphur (S)

C60 steel Technological properties

Annealing hardness
Cold pull hardness
Preheating temperature
Quenching temperature
Holding time
Hardening medium Temper temperature
After tempering hardness
salt-bath furnace controlled atmosphere furnace
235 262 788 1191 1204 5~15 air cooling 522 60

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