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API 5L X65 steel,API 5L X65 steel price steel plate

API 5L X65 steel 

API 5L X65 steel, is one of main grade under API 5L standard.

Generally speaking,when it comes to specialized steels, often the most specialized are the tool steels with precise concentrations of rather exotic elements. However, some applications demand more humble specifications due to cost and the sheer quantity needed. X65 steel is one such steel.

X65 steel is primarily used in the oil and gas industries as one of the primary steels used in pipe. The strength and low cost make X65 much more attractive than other, higher-performing steels since these industries routinely use miles of pipe. The strength of X65 also means it is a good choice for pressurized lines, where the steel's excellent weldabilty ensures strong seals.

API 5L X65 chemical details mainly contains C (0.04-0.16%),Si (max 0.55%),Mn (1-1.6 %), P(max 0.035),S(max 0.035%)

And,for API 5L X65 steel, we can offer steel plate(thickness:5-40mm),steel coil(thickness:5-12mm),Steel pipe(OD: 21.3-2540mm ). So any need about X65 steel or API 5L X65 steel price , please be free to contact us by sending mail to [email protected] We will do our best to offer you low price steel at standard quality and good service.

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