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s355j2 steel,s355j2 steel stock steel plate

s355j2 steel is used in roofing,deep draw,welded pipe,manufacture of cars container and ships and so on.

more information about s355j2 steel , please see the following:

s355j2 steel size:
Thickness: 3-300mm
Width: 1000--3000mm
Length: 3000--19000mm

s355j2 steel Technical requirements:
Detection, Z15 - Z35 thickness direction performance requirements, high strength and high toughness requirements, etc

s355j2 steel Delivery status:
According to the properties and requirements of customers , Steel plate can hot-rolled, controlled rolling, normalizing, annealing, tempering, normalizing add tempering, piece.modified such status delivery.

s355j2 steel Packing:
Export-sea worthy packing with each bundle tied and protected

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