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Reasons for Corrosion Treatment of Corten Material steel plate

Firstly, due to the strong corrosion resistance of corten material, in the natural environment, the color of the surface of intermediate materials from brand-new corten material to the formation of a stable and dense rust-red protective layer undergoes a drastic and uneven change from blue-black to light yellow, to orange-red, then to rust-red, and finally to reddish-brown. Generally speaking, it takes at least one to two years for a region to go through. For some dry areas, it may take 5 to 6 years. Most of the landscape projects in real estate or park buildings are completed within three months, which is undoubtedly one of the most difficult problems to overcome.

Secondly, the process of forming rust layer of natural rusting corten material is greatly influenced by local geographical location, local weather, location, etc. It is easy to form rust layer with uneven color and thickness, which greatly affects the effect of forming rust layer and destroys the designer's painstaking efforts.

Thirdly, ordinary people are relatively unfamiliar with corten material. When they face these two problems, they often have no way to solve them. It is easy to associate with inferior quality projects made of ordinary steel plate, so as to be inferior, and hope to pass the customs generally through the relationship with Party A and contractors. But the consequence is that the rust layer of common steel sheet is loose and easy to fall off within one to two months. The falling off one by one greatly affects the design effect, hits the good design of the builder, and forms a chain of problems, such as affecting the construction period, affecting real estate sales, and affecting the construction party's receipt of project funds.


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