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Delivery state about ASTM A387 steel plates steel plate

ASTM A387 steel plates are for pressure vessel use. Under technical standard ASTM A387/A387M, there are main vessel steel grades: A387GR5CL1, A387Gr11CL1, A387Gr12CL1, A387Gr22CL2, A387GR5CL2, A387Gr11CL2, A387Gr12CL2, A387Gr22CL2., etc.

The common delivery states of ASTM A387steel plates are:
Quenching: the process of rapid cooling after heating to the phase transition point temperature. Quenching can improve hardness of the ASTM A387 steel plates, but reduce the toughness of the steel material.

Normalizing: after heating ASTM A387 chromium molybdenum alloy steel plates to the phase transition temperature, normally cooling in the air.

Annealing: after heating ASTM A387 steel plates to the phase transition point temperature, slow cooling. Annealing eliminates the influence of quenching, eliminates stress and uniform composition of the A387 vessel steel.

Tempering: after quenching, it is reheated to a certain temperature, which is below the quenching temperature, heat preservation, and then cooling. Tempering can uniform composition, slightly lower hardness, and greatly improve toughness of ASTM A387 steel plates.

Generally speaking, the first is annealing, normalizing, to eliminate effect of the original heat treatment. Then quenching, and then tempering ASTM A387 steel plates.


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