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310S stainless steel steel plate

310S stainless steel has excellent resistance to oxidation under constant temperatures to 2000°F. Cyclic conditions reduce its oxidation resistance, and a maximum operating temperature of 1900°F is generally recommended if cycling is involved.

310S stainless steel Chemical Composition
Carbon 0.08 max
Chromium 24 - 26
Iron Balance
Manganese 2 max
Nickel 19 - 22
Phosphorus 0.045 max
Silicon 1.5 max
Sulphur 0.03 max

310S stainless steel Physical Data :
Density (lb / cu. in.) 0.29
Specific Gravity 7.9
Specific Heat (Btu/lb/Deg F - [32-212 Deg F]) 0.12
Electrical Resistivity (microhm-cm (at 68 Deg F)) 468
Melting Point (Deg F) 2650
Modulus of Elasticity Tension 30

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