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China Supplier of EN10028-3 P275NH Steel Sheets steel plate

  EN10028-3 P275NH steel sheet is a weldable fine-grain steel suitable for the fabrication of pressure vessels for pressurised gases and chemicals, industrial boilers, compressors and heat exchangers. It is a normalised steel grade with a minimum yield strength of 275-460 N/mm² and P275NH plates are available ex–stock from our warehouse.China supplier of EN10028-3 P275NH steel sheets, our P275NH grade is intended for use in moderate to high temperature service.

 EN10028-3 P275NH Steel Sheets and Plates Size

  Grade : EN 10028:3 P355NL1, EN 10028:3 P355NL2, EN 10028:3 P355N, EN 10028:3 P275NH, EN 10028:3 P460NL1, EN 10028:3 P460NL2, EN 10028:3 P460NH

  Steel Number : 1.0565

  Thickness : 6mm to 220mm

  Width : 1500mm to 4050mm

  Length : 3000mm to 15000mm

  For guarantee the usage safety of pressure vessel steel plates,steel plates P275NH, P275NH steel sheets would accept ultrasonic examination after rolling. The standard mainly be according to EN 10160,also adopt to ASTM A435/A435M,ASTM A577/A577M and ASTM A578/A578M.The end user can suggest the different levels for this test according to their engineers’drawing.


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