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What is SA387 Gr.11 Class 2 Steel Sheet? steel plate

SA387 Gr.11 Class 2 stele sheet is our hot selling steel product. BEBON STEEL is a professional alloy steel plate and sheet supplier and exporter. We will offer large quantity of SA387 Gr.11 Class 2 steel sheets with favorable price.

What is SA387 Gr.11 Class 2 Steel Sheet?
This material is a chromium molybdenum alloy steel plates intended for welded boiler and pressure vessels. It works well under elevated temperature service. SA387 Gr.11 Class 2 sheet contains Chromium(1.25%)and Molybdenum(0.5%) as alloying elements to provide the heat and corrosion resistance than enables it to be used at high temperatures.
This chromium molybdenum alloy steel is fabricated in accordance with industry set norms and standards. It is characterized by longer working life, high strength and reliable to use. The high levels of chromium provide the steel with outstanding oxidation and corroion resistance. SA387 Gr.11 Class 2 sheets is used in a variety of industries and is highly efficacious, particularly in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, where liquids and gases are often stored at hihger temperatures.
SA387 Gr.11 Class 2 Sheet and Plates are supplied with large and various sizes.
Plates: 5mm to220mm
Width: 1000-4200mm
Lenght: 3000mm to 12000mm


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