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API 5L X70 steel,API 5L X70 steel price steel plate

API 5L X70 steel,API 5L X70 steel price 

Pipelines ,API 5L X70 and so on, those have been buried under seabed sediment are at risk of corrosion due to the corrosion of this particular environment.

The development of petroleum exploitation in deep water (deeper than 1000 meters), demands the utilization of high strength steel pipes used to allow the flow of oil production.
The undersea environment applies, beyond extremely high external pressures, low temperatures and intensive corrosive process, the occurrence of defects on the pipe body, which compromises the structural integrity of pipelines leading to catastrophic failures.

These defects can be caused by various situations such as:  Impact of components that falls from the offshore platform, excessive bending at the installation processes, superficial cracks caused during the transportation of the lines, among others.

Aiming to enhance the reliability of the installation and operation of complex offshore pipeline systems, a study based on the mechanics of the elastoplastic fractures was done in order to allow a better prediction of the fracture toughness in X65 and X70 steels pipes.

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